Theo Reeves-Evison

Theo Reeves-Evison

Events / Talks


Talk: Seeing with Sediment: On Deep-Sea Mining and the Aquatic Perspective, presentation at The Aesthetics of Geopower: Imagining Planetary Histories and Hegemonies, April 4-5 2024, Amsterdam

Organiser: Patching the World: On Cultures of Techno-solutionism in Art, Politics and Environmental Justice, seminar series co-organised with Kirsten Forkert, February-May 2024, online


Organiser: Governance and the Voluminous Commons, seminar series co-organised with Ariadne Collins, Lydia Cole and Matt Barlow, May-July 2023, online

Talk: ‘An Ocean without Dimensions: On the Visual Culture of Deep-Sea Mining’, presentation at STS Italia: Interesting Worlds to Come. Science & Technology Studies Facing More-than-human Challenges, June 28-30 2023, Bologna

Organiser: ‘Toward a Political Ecology of Volume’, panel organiser at RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London, August 29 - September 1, co-organised with Ariadne Yolande Collins, Lydia Cole and Matthew Barlow

Talk [keynote]: ‘Speculative Infrastructures of Climate Change’, Art and Post-Capitalism series, November 20, Documenta Institut, University of Kassel, Germany.


Organiser: ‘After Growth: A Symposium on Post-Capitalist Imaginaries, 19-20 March 2022, Nottingham Contemporary

Interview: ‘The Infrastructures of Prediction and Visual Culture’, ‘The Art and Artifice of Prediction’ podcast, with Maria Christou, May 2022 [online talk]

Talk: ‘Engineering the Future: On Climate Modification and the Macroscopic View’, EASST: Politics of Technoscientific Futures, July 6 - 9 2022, Madrid


Performance Lecture: ‘Seed Casino’, 30 October 2021, Loughborough University

Talk: ‘Ecological Futures in the Making: Broadening the Art of Speculation’, 3–7 August 2021, STREAMS: Transformative Environmental Humanities, Stockholm. [online talk]


Talk: ‘Speculative Degrowth’, 5 May 2020, Inland: Centro de Acercamiento a lo Rural, Madrid [online talk]

Talk: ‘Thoughts Thinking Thoughts: From Systems Ecology to the Financialisation of Nature’, 18 November 2020, Loughborough University [online talk]

Talk: ‘Patch Dynamics and Infrastructures of Speculation’, 13 January 2020, Memories of the Future, University of Oslo


Talk: ‘Trees with Benefits: Derivative Nature, Neoliberal Conservation, and Contemporary Art’, 2-4 November 2019, The International Association for Environmental Philosophy Twenty-third Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh

Talk: Agrarian Imaginaries and Speculative Cultures of Degrowth‘, 12-14 September 2019, Productive Futures: The Political Economy of Science Fiction, Birkbeck, University of London
Talk: ‘Infrastructures of Speculation in Art, Finance and Public Policy’, 2-3 September 2019, Forming the Future: An Interdisciplinary Conference, University of Plymouth
Talk: ‘On Capital’s Watch: Derivative Nature and the Temporal Logic of Biodiversity Credits’, (with Josh Bowsher), 26 June 2019, Risk and Uncertainty in the Anthropocene, Goldsmiths, University of London

Talk: ‘Infrastructures of Speculation in Art, Politics and Green Capitalism’, 27 April 2019, School of Architecture, University of Sheffield
Organiser: ‘Calculative Environments’, 26 February - 9 April 2019, Nottingham Contemporary
Chair: ‘Trauma and Repair’, 17 April 2019, Southbank Centre, London
Talk [keynote]: ‘Privatised Futures and the Art of Speculation’, 13 February 2019, Studium Generale, Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, 
Discussant: ‘Repair Acts’, 7 February 2019, Create, Spike Island, Bristol.
Talk: ‘Social Ecologies of Speculation’, 30 January 2019, Mutating Ecologies in Contemporary Art III, Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona (MACBA)


Talk: ‘Nature in the Bank: Speculative Temporalities, Restoration Ecology and Ecosystem Service Commodities’, (with Josh Bowsher), 6-7 December 2018, Futures of Finance and Society, University of Edinburgh
Talk: ‘The Time Landscapes of Intervention Ecology’, 10-12 September 2018, Manchester Centre for Political Theory Workshops, University of Manchester


Talk: ‘Ludic Surfaces: Camouflage and the Ethico-Aesthetics of Play’, 22-25 June 2017, Performance Philosophy Conference: How does Performance Philosophy Act? Ethos – Ethics – Ethnography, Prague Academy of Performing Arts
Talk: ‘Ethico-Aesthetic Repairs’, 5 June 2017, Midlands 3 Cities Art History Research Day, Barber Institute of Fine Art, University of Birmingham


Conference organiser (with Jon K. Shaw): ‘Fiction as Method: A Conference of Counterfactuals and Virtualities in Art and Culture’, 17 October 2015, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Talk: ‘Deception and Fiction as Forms of World-Making in Contemporary Art’, 25-27 June 2015, F(r)ictions of Art, Freie Universität Berlin


Talk: Ethics at a distance: On Omar Fast’s ‘5,000 Feet is the Best’, 24th May 2014, As Above, So Below: A Colloquium on Drone Culture, University of Lincoln
Talk: ‘A Thousand Paths: Critical and Creative Aspects of Dissimulative Art Practice’,  24-25 April 2014, Critical Practices and Experimentation, University of Copenhagen